Although the Shueys can teach on a variety of subjects,  we list a number of seminars that have consistently assisted the Body of Christ. Most of these seminars can be taught in a weekend retreat (Friday night/all day Saturday) format. Other class arrangements may also be available (for example, a session taught once a week for 6-8 weeks).

 “Breaking Free to Your Destiny” This seminar helps believers to overcome issues from their past that continue to negatively impact their life now, and hinder them from being effective in serving God.(A brochure is available upon request.) Breaking Free …has been put in manual form and can be ordered by emailing KingdomQuest at   Breaking Free …has been translated into a number of languages.

“Kingdom Marriage” This seminar teaches couples how they can develop a close relationship that will combine their gifts to effectively fulfill Christ’s Commission together, and raise children who will seek to fulfill God’s will.

“Prayer That Brings Change” These seminars can be accompanied by prayer events to teach believers to cry out to God to change the world.

“The Mission of God ” This seminar discusses God’s purpose in the world, the history of missions, our role in God’s mission and how we can participate in that mission.

“Revealing Islam/Reaching Muslims”    This seminar shares the teachings, history and agenda of Islam in a context that challenges believers to reach out to Muslims in their region and around the world. (Brochure available in both electronic or print copies)

“Being a Disciple of the Lord Jesus” This seminar covers key traits and disciplines of an effective follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.   John’s manual Becoming You: How to Discover and Fulfill Your God-Ordained Destiny and his book, Fully Alive, will also help churches develop disciples.

“The Other Half of the Army” This seminar includes the history, teaching and vital need to see women released in ministry, especially in these days in which we are living.

“Pretty…Simply” This three part seminar (“Your Life Pretty…Simply”, “Your Home Pretty…Simply”, and “Your Wardrobe Pretty…Simply”) especially appeals to women to simplify and beautify for Kingdom purposes.

“Finishing  Strong”   As believers, we want to finish the mission that the Lord has for us, but we face many obstacles.  The Finishing Strong Seminar helps us get through persecution and difficulty in a way the enables us to finish the mission God has for us.

“Help  for Alienated Parents and Grandparents “  We have  met many parents and grandparents who have been alienated from the children and grandchildren.  One  person called it the hidden epidemic with one of ten women with adult children experiencing this horrific pain.  The seminar helps to give some understanding, but also principles to help attendees to walk in greater peace and hopefully reconciliation.  You will also meet others who can help you in this difficulty.

Are you interested in having one of our seminars at your church? Contact us at or 717-968-0766 to schedule.